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A's to Giants- Going across the Bay

Posted on: May 17, 2009 4:04 am
Since I can remember I have been a loyal A's fan.  I rooted for them in the playoffs when they played the Red Sox (against my Dad's wishes who is a Boston native and die hard Sox fan), I stuck with them after they blew 3 consecutive 2-0 leads in the divisional rounds.  I even loved them after they shipped out the trio of Zito, Huddy, and Mulder...all of which turned out to be great decisions given their records post A's.

I loved the fact that they had so much young talent, loved Giambi, then moved onto Tejada once he was shipped off, then quickly jumped on the Nick Swisher band wagon until he too was shipped off.  Danny Haren started the All Star game, then was traded.  For a long time Rich Harden was the most exciting player to go watch while he was healthy.  Can't go see him anymore either.

Billy Beane is in fact a genius.  A business genius, who will make a ton of money, but a genius who is quickly alienating his fan base.  I'm 20 now, and sick of rooting for a team who annually ships away their best players and fan favorites to the highest bidder.  I recently was listening to KNBR 680, the local sports talk radio (which is very pro Giants) and they said quote: "If Tim Lincecum played for the A's, he would have been gone last July."

We recently brought back Giambi, who is now old and injury prone, and brought in Matt Holliday.  Holliday is just a ploy to get butts in the seats.  He will be gone by July to the highest bidder, and the A's will have a new set of prospects to develop and sell in a few years.  My friends have all transitioned to the Giants with the new crop of young talent and potential they posses.  As much as I deny the move, I find myself tuning in to watch Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Pablo Sandoval on a daily basis.  I've been home from school for 5 days now and i have not watched the A's.  I have watched 4 Giants games.

The Giants have a new crop of talent and seem to be headed in the right direction.  Tim Lincecum is my favorite player because of his unbeleivable talent and unorthodox delivery.  He literally looks like a Little League World Series pitcher.  Images of Henry Rowengardner from Rookie of the Year (a classic) are rolling through my head, and i laugh every time he embarasses another slugger.  The Giants have SO much talent on the team and in the minors with Posey, Anderson, Bumgardner and Villanova.  It is almost impossible not to start rooting for them.  I will attend more A's games than Giants this season, but only because of $2 bleachers and $2 hotdog Wednesdays.

Billy Beane has successfully pushed another loyal fan away.  I am proud to now call myself a Giants fan.
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